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Once upon a time... - The history of the Internet  Popular
Category : Start / IPv6 Resources / Training and Education
When the ARPANET was designed in the late 1960s, it was outfitted with a Network Control Protocol (NCP) that made it possible for the very different types of hosts connected to the network to talk with each other. However, it soon became clear that NCP was limiting in some ways, so work started on something better. The engineers decided that it made sense to split the monolithic NCP protocol into two parts: an Internet Protocol that allows packets to be routed between the different networks connected to the ARPANET, and a Transport Control Protocol that takes a data stream, splits it into segments and transmits the segments using the Internet Protocol. On the other side, the receiving Transport Control Protocol makes sure the segments are put together in the right order before they're delivered as a data stream to the receiving application. An important implication of this approach is that unlike, for instance, a phone connected to a wired or wireless phone network, a host connected to the ARPANET then and the Internet now must know its own address. (...)
Added on: 12-Apr-2007 | hits: 76684
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IPv6 - Evolution or Revolution  Popular
Category : Start / IPv6 Resources / IPv6 Papers
A paper on the nature of IPv6 in contrast to IPv4
Added on: 20-Feb-2006 | hits: 35783
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Dibbler DHCPv6  Popular
Category : Start / IPv6 Implementations / Services
A portable DHCPv6 implementation
Added on: 20-Feb-2006 | hits: 35494
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ARIN IPv6 Wiki  Popular
Category : Start / IPv6 Resources / General Information
This site is hosted by ARIN to facilitate discussion and the sharing of information on IPv6 topics and issues.
Added on: 17-Sep-2007 | hits: 34574
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IPv6 Information Center  Popular
Category : Start / IPv6 Resources / General Information
ARIN and the other RIRs have distributed IPv6 alongside IPv4 since 1999. So far, ARIN has issued both versions in tandem and has not advocated one over the other, though it has closely monitored distribution trends with the understanding that the IPv4 available resource pool would continue to diminish.
Added on: 17-Sep-2007 | hits: 34207
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Lumeta IPv6 Mapping Project  Popular
Category : Start / IPv6 Deployment / Mapping projects
A map of IPv6 deployment
Added on: 20-Feb-2006 | hits: 33594
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IPv6 Application and Patch Database  Popular
Category : Start / IPv6 Applications / General Application Lists
Maintained by NIIF in Hungary
Added on: 09-Nov-2004 | hits: 31376
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UAE IPv6 Task Force Training  Popular
Category : Start / IPv6 Resources / Training and Education
Course Description
IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol offering a single backbone technology for new bread of applications such as secured end to end communication and seamless mobility across diverse overlay networks. IPv6 is now ready and organization who are not prepared for it will miss it. Network managers aware of this fact are confronted with several challenges associated to this implementation. This modular 5 days Training introduces network engineers, planners and managers to the new features of IPv6 and prepare them to adopt a smooth and successful transition to IPv6.
Added on: 12-Jan-2007 | hits: 29106
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Nucleus IPv6  Popular
Category : Start / IPv6 Implementations / Host implementations
A highly portable embedded IPv6 solution, certified IPv6 Ready.
Added on: 11-Nov-2004 | hits: 23359
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Meinberg IPv6 NTP server  Popular
Category : Start / IPv6 Applications / Infrastructure Services
A dedicated NTP hardware unit supporting IPv4 and IPv6
Added on: 11-Nov-2004 | hits: 21664
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  Jim Bound
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