Miyata, Hiroshi

Hiroshi MIYATA, Manager, Corporate R & D center, Yokogawa Electric Corporation. He graduated from the Faculty of Science, the Hokkaido University in 1988. He joined Yokogawa Electric Corporation in 2001. He has been working for TAHI Project(1) since 1998 to research the testing technology for IPv6 by both side interoperability and Conformance. He leads the TAHI Project. He also has been working for IPv6 Ready Logo Committee(v6LC) running the IPv6 Ready Logo Program, as the Technical leader and Asian officer since 2002. He has been working for Certificatioin Working Group in IPv6 Promtion council as vice presitent. since 2002. Through above mentioned activities, he has been working for smooth deployment of IPv6 since 1998.
Also he has been researching on IPv6 adaptation to Factory and/or Plant field network which requires high reliability.

(1) TAHI project ; Researching testing technology for IPv6

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